Looking For an Excuse

by Ruth
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

I was 24 years old and on my way to a dermatologist for some acne on my face. I met with the doctor and everything went fine.

I thought to myself I am on my way to healthy looking skin.

After 2 weeks I received my explanation of benefits from my insurance carrier to find out my doctors’ visit wasn’t covered.

I called my doctors office to find out what I could do and learned that I need to have a medical reason for visiting the doctor and not a cosmetic reason.

So for my next visit I decided to tell the doctor that I am there for this cyst that I have on my back.

Using the excuse that it was bothering me and while I was at it, he would be able to check the acne on my face.

I thought I was pretty smart, the insurance company was going to pay for my visit.

So at the doctor’s office I took off my shirt and reached to the area on my back where I felt the cyst.

Imagine my surprise when the doctor touched my on the back of my shoulder area and asked how long I had that spot.

I didn’t know what he was referring to. He told me he is looking at a suspicious looking area on my upper back / shoulder that he felt needs a biopsy.

I was looking for a legitimate excuse to see a dermatologist and it seems I just found it.

At that point the acne didn’t matter. They took the biopsy and the results came back 10 days later as abnormal cells.

I would need to have that area removed. The doctors were happy they found it early.

After removal of the area and sending it for full biopsy, I learned that the cells were advanced enough to be later abnormal cells. So it was a good thing it was taken care of, when it was.

I was 24 years old and wasn’t big on being in the sun. I would never have imagined that I would have a suspicious looking spot.

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