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Military sunglasses have been in existence for many years, particularly in the Air Force since they have long used very dark tinted lens as a way to help fight the glare during high altitude flights.

In the early days of the development of sunglasses specifically for the military, they were more focused on anti-glare than on UV protection.

What Exactly are Sunglasses that are Designed for Military?

Many of the military sunglasses are very large and wrap-around so that the sides of the eyes are also protected. Military pilots often wear these because the glare at higher altitudes can be truly painful to the eyes and make it difficult to see.

These sunglasses are made now not only to protect from glare but also have a high level of UV ray protection.

military sunglasses

Therefore, sunglasses specifically designed for the military often have a larger eye-covering and many times look like large goggles, but this is often necessary when considering the outdoor conditions which the military faces.

Do Sunglasses Made for the Military also Have UV Protection

Military sunglasses first were designed during World War II; anti-glare was the main focus since at that time no one knew of the damage the sun's UV rays could cause to the eyes, such as pinguecula, cataracts, and Macular Degeneration.

Of course, today, sunglasses made for the military not only protect their eyes from glare, but also from the effects of UV rays. There are many tints available for the military, but have special coatings to block out 100 percent of UV rays.

Are the Sunglasses for Military Personnel Better than Civilians?

The best sunglasses are those that can block out 100 percent of the UV rays, both military and civilian can get these types of sunglasses.

While you probably cannot purchase a pair of specialized sunglasses specifically made for the military, it is only the designed that is specialized.

Truthfully, many of the specialized designs for the military are bulkier and larger and not something civilians would want to wear if they had access to them.

When you are protected from the sun's harmful rays, it really does not matter which style you choose, what is important is the UV protection they provide.

Of course, the military will always have specialized tools that are not available to the public, but this is how it should be since they need specialized night-vision glasses and specialized anti-glare glasses during daytime.

Can Sunglasses for the Military be Purchased Anywhere?

Some of the sunglasses originally designed for the military can be purchased by anyone at specialty stores, but the higher-tech that are in use today normally are not available to the general public.

Final Thoughts

While military sunglasses have come along way since the days of focusing on anti-glare sunglasses, they still offer many specialized tints but all with 100 percent UV ray protection.

Today, with the ozone layer thinner than ever, it is more vital than ever to ensure everyone always wears protective eyewear when they are outdoors.

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