My Favorite Sunscreen Product

by Sonica

I have oily skin which has given me loads of problems in the past. I never believed in using sun protection products like sunscreen or Sun Protection Umbrella.

But my friend sent me an article about Malignant Melanoma which got me scrambling for a sunscreen.

The skin on my face is very sensitive and I often get outbreaks of pimples if I use any cream based product on my face. So I was afraid to use anything on my face.

I started searching for a sunscreen lotion which would protect me as well as keep me free of pimples.

I found one product which had an SPF 15, so it would not give great protection, but what the salesgirl told me was that for oily skins I would not get a sunscreen with higher SPF.

I bought this product and am happy to say that it did not cause any problem to my face.

I use the sunscreen lotion daily and especially when I go out in the sun.

Biodegradable Sunscreen

Organic Sunscreen

Moisturizer with Sunscreen

Best Sunscreen

Sunscreen Wipes

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