My Uncles Skin Cancer Survival Story

by Sohil

I had an uncle who had developed Skin Cancer when he was working abroad. His family was in India and he was working in Dubai.

He used to come every year to India to meet his family. As usual he had come to India, one year to meet his family.

His wife noted certain rashes and wounds on his skin and insisted that my uncle show them to a dermatologist.

He did not take care of it and would simply take the matter to be silly and did not consult a doctor.

The next year when he had come back, he had developed more rashes and the wound had increased in size.

His family forced him to consult the doctor and finally he agreed to go and consult a dermatologist.

The day he met the dermatologist he was shocked to hear that the symptoms and the wound was much like skin cancer and that he needed to take a few tests.

The tests confirmed his condition and he was diagnosed to have skin cancer.

The news shocked every one. He was also very upset and decided not to go back to Dubai and stayed in India with his family.

He took treatment and the necessary care for the disease.

He started his own business overcoming the disease and making up his mind to live bravely and combat the disease.

He has been living for 5 years since he was diagnosed for skin cancer and now lives happily with his family.

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