Overcast Skies and UV Rays

by Anonymous
(California, USA)

In Sunny California where I live, the year is filled with 350-355 days of sun.

What a joy that is compared to other parts of the country where the experience is just the opposite.

As a result, one must be careful of the silent killer that claims many lives, UV Rays.

Each morning the UV Index forecast is broadcasted through media outlets, as well as local and national newspapers.

I’m not a frequent beach goer but when I do decide to go, I don’t pay much attention to the UV index forecast.

My time at the beach is filled with sun and fun, so the last thing on my mind is the amount of radiation I’m taking in from the sun.

This one particular time I decided to go to the beach and when I got there, it was overcast and a bit chilly.

I didn’t think once about the UV rays because it was overcast, boy o’ boy was I terribly wrong.

I stayed that day about 8 hours with no sunscreen.

The next day when I got up, I felt this burning sensation on my back, shoulders and neck, which happened to be sunburn.

Recalling a time when I heard of the UV index forecast, I went on the Internet and looked up what the index was for the previous day and to my dismay, despite the overcast and cool ocean breeze, the UV index forecast stated a very high level of radiation.

I was taken back because I thought the overcast skies would reduce the amount of radiation, on the contrary, days like that are more dangerous because individuals will stay out in the sun much longer.

As a result of that incident, whenever I want to go hang out at the beach and swim, I make sure to check the UV index forecast, as well as take my sunscreen and Aloe.


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