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Reading sunglasses are quite necessary for many people to wear, since they spend a great deal of time outdoors. These are specialized reading glasses that have a tint applied so that when you are outdoors working or playing, you can always see the fine print.

Aren't Reading Glasses for Outdoors the Same as Prescription Sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses are not the same as reading sunglasses for several reasons.

First off, you can purchase the sunglasses for reading at many drugstores and even online. These do not require a prescription from an ophthalmologist because only the lower portion of the sunglasses are magnified to a level that is the most comfortable for you to read.

Prescription Sunglasses on the other hand, are the same as a prescription pair of glasses but has had the sunglass tint added to them.

reading sunglasses

Who Can Benefit?

If you wear reading glasses currently to read the newspaper, books, or any fine print and are outdoors often, you can certainly benefits from reading glasses that have the sunglass tint added to them.

If you work outdoors or simply enjoy reading outdoors on your patio or pool area, you can have the best of both worlds, the ability to see the print and have UV protection from the sun's UV rays.

Where Do You Buy These From?

The nice aspect to sunglasses specially designed for reading are becoming more popular, which means they are easier to find in local retail outlets than they once were.

They are not terribly expensive and come in the varying magnifications that normal reading glasses come in.

What are the Benefits?

The main benefit to these reading sunglasses is that you can see outside and they offer 100 percent UV ray protection. They also come in many different styles and darkness of tints.

Additionally, those that work outdoors, can enjoy UV protection while still having the ability to see the fine print that they normally cannot.

How About Style?

There are many styles in which to choose from that are sunglasses designed for reading. Additionally, face shapes also play a huge role into which shapes of glasses in general look the best.

Obviously, when you are outside, you want the sunglasses to truly be something that you are proud to wear.

No one has to know the sunglasses you are wearing are for reading, in fact, the newer designs are very natural looking and you can enjoy reading outdoors and everyone around you will assume you are simply wearing regular sunglasses.

Final Thoughts

Reading glasses have been around for quite some time and while they have helped many people continue to have the ability to read fine print, they have also increased in style.

Therefore, you have many styles in which to choose from so that there is a shape for everyone.

Lastly, reading sunglasses are the best way to protect your eyes when you are reading outdoors. Spending long hours outdoors with no sunglasses is very unwise and can do a lot of damage to your eyes later in life. Ensure when selecting your sunglasses that they have 100 percent UV protection, which is the common standard today.

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