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Have you noticed lately that many actors and actresses are wearing retro sunglasses?

Of course, when the public begins to see stars wearing a specific fashion, they begin to copy it and the item becomes quite popular. This is exactly what is happening today, everyone wants a pair of the vintage type sunglasses.

Why Retro?

The retro sunglasses are just like any other fashion, they continually come back in fashion. Items that were worn in the 1960's have recently gained attention and while many swore they would never wear 60's clothing again, the style has slowly replaced some of the 90's styles.

retro sunglasses

Fashion Cycle

The fashion cycle continually changes and what was once normal attire in the 1950's is considered trendy in 2010, such as retro sunglasses.

Fashion continually comes back around because let's face it, there are only so many different styles of clothing that can be produced.

For instance, men's ties have gone from super thin to super wide over the course of several years. There is only so much designers can do with a man's suit, so they focus on the tie designs and thickness as well as the shirt collars.

Many frugal people save their clothing from various eras that they have lived because they know one day, they will be back in fashion.

Men vs. Women

You may have taken notice that men's and women's fashions change, then they seem to have a "settling" period where nothing much changes.

Next they begin wearing vintage sunglasses or other vintage jewelry and suddenly what was "old-fashioned" become hip and trendy.

Styles of Sunglasses

Sunglasses, since their early years of being dominated by Foster Grant, have changed over the years from very large lenses to tiny lenses.

The one nice aspect to sunglasses regardless of their style or size is that UV protection has become the standard for almost any pair of sunglasses you purchase today.

Always look for the UV sticker that is normally on the lens itself or attached somewhere to the sunglasses. Without the UV protection, the sunglasses are just a fashion statement, but today, you can choose style and UV protection. Why would anyone choose anything less?

How Much do These Retros Cost?

Prices for the sunglasses with the retro flare vary considerably. It depends on the designer, the company, and the retailer.

The more people purchase one style in particular, the cheaper it becomes. Sunglasses change in styles just like clothing, so how much you spend on a pair is truly a personal choice.

Final Thoughts

The word "retro" is quite popular today in all aspects of our culture. For instance, there was a time when carpeting in the home meant prestige, but now everyone wants hardwood flooring.

Hardwood floors were popular in the 1950's and 1960's but to the people of that generation, they complained about splinters and cold flooring. So carpeting became very chic in the 1970's with the introduction of shag carpet.

Today, retro sunglasses have made a comeback and if you must have a pair of these, make sure they have 100 percent UV protection so that you look good and keep your eyes protected.

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