Running Sunglasses Can Do More Than Help Your Performance

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

The running sunglasses should be worn by you when you run on a daily basis or in marathons to protect your eyes. If your eyes get tired you might not run as well for one thing, but that is not the only reason to wear these sunglasses.

Since you are outside a lot when you run, your eyes need the uv protection like your skin does through using sunscreen. Just like your skin, your eyes can be adversely affected by the sun's UV rays.

Because you can't use sunscreen on your eyes you must provide them protection from the sun by wearing special shaded lenses designed for this purpose.

You can have eye problems too if you do not wear your running sunglasses. Today there is more research than ever into what causes various eye diseases.

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The findings show that the eyes not being protected from the sun can help bring some of these diseases on. Below are a couple of the problems that can be caused from too much UV exposure from the sun.

Eye Cancer

Eye cancer begins in your eye like the name suggests. There is more than one kind of eye cancer which can occur. Cancers that occur in the eyeball itself are known as intraocular cancers.

Then the orbit can also have orbital cancers occur in there. In the other tissues of the eyes such as the eyelids and tear ducts adnexal cancers can occur.

Retinoblastoma happens in children, it is a cancer that occurs in the cell of the retina. It is one of the main intraocular cancer and just one of the ones that occur with children.

The most commonly-occurring cancer in the eye of adults is intraocular melanoma however rare it is. Skin melanomas more commonly occur than the intraocular melanoma does. Malignant Melanoma is directly caused by too much exposure to the sun.

These are just some of the eye cancers and are reason enough to wear running sunglasses, however, cancer is not the only disease of the eye that can happen when uv protection is not used.

Macular Degeneration

AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) is the top reason for vision loss along with blindness in the USA for people 65 or over.

This is a growing problem too with so many of the American population falling into this age group. This disease happens when the retina's macula start to degenerate. The macula controls the central vision that is required to drive or read.

So with AMD there is a loss of central vision. Experts do not agree on whether wearing sunglasses will prevent this disease from happening.

Some feel that sun damage can cause this to happen and others don't. However, it certainly won't hurt protecting your eyes just in case.

Make Sure the Fit is Right

When buying sunglasses make sure they fit right. You do not want them slipping on the nose or the ears. The right sunglasses will have nose-bridge that adjust to your nose and arms that are adjustable to your ears.

This makes them hug your head for ease of wearing while running. Look into getting some of these running sunglasses today to give you uv protection if you don't already have a pair.

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