Skin Cancer in the Family

by Jen
(Miami, FL, USA)

As a child living in South Florida sunbathing and fake tanning has always been a popular activity among my classmates.

My parents always warned me of the serious dangers of Skin Cancer and to stay out of the sun whenever possible and to always wear sunscreen when I was outside. I never took their advice as seriously as I should have.

Both of my parents have had Skin Cancer Moles on their body that needed to be surgically removed.

My dad had Skin Cancer on the Face that luckily was caught early, but left him with a two-inch permanent scar on his cheek. It could have been much worse.

My mom also had skin cancer on her chest that she had removed. Ever since then, my parents have ensured that my siblings and I frequently go to the dermatologist for mole inspections and have any suspicious moles removed.

They taught me to do self-inspections and look for moles that are getting darker, have uneven borders, or inconsistent coloring.

I have learned from the example of my parents, and this has made me very cautious of sun exposure. Today, as a college student, fake tanning is very popular among my peers.

I try to warn them that fake tanning can lead to skin cancer, and wrinkled, aged skin.

I appreciate the information my parents have passed on to me about skin cancer, and I think that it is important that everyone is informed and knows the damage that sun exposure causes.

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