Solar Shield Sunglasses for Convenient Protection

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

The solar shield sunglasses slide on right over your prescription glasses. This makes them very convenient and cheaper than prescription sunglasses.

These are great idea when you are on a tight budget and still want to give your eyes sun protection. They come in a variety of styles and prices. You can even find them Polarized too to cut down on glare. They block all the UVA and the UVB rays.

The News Today

Today the news is constantly talking about what causes Skin Cancer. Guess what? It is the UV rays from the sun. But did you know you can also get eye cancer from too many of these rays over time?

Yes you can, that is why you need some kind of protection for your eyes when you are in the sunlight along with diseases that can happen. This is why solar shield sunglasses are a good idea.

solar shield sunglasses

Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration can also be brought once the retina and macula are damaged. This disease slowly destroys your central vision. It distorts what you see and you may even have blind spots right in the center of where you need to see.

People who suffer from this disease can even have visual hallucinations. This is another reason to save your eyes from UV damage.

Your Prescription Glasses

If you need your prescription glasses that are clear all day long, the solar shield sunglasses are a cheap, convenient way of having sunglasses and still being able to see clear. Also if you need to run in and out of a building quickly they are easy to put on and take off too.

Now you can choose to have your prescription made into sunglasses too with uv protection. If you have the money this is fine too. But if you are running short on funds it is nice to know you can still have the protection from the sun a cheaper way.

Do Not Procrastinate

Do not procrastinate on taking care of your eyes. Vision problems can set in quicker than you think once the eye is damaged by uv rays.

Guard your eyes from any damage no matter how slight. A little damage here and little more damage there and pretty soon you can an eye disorder or disease that is tricky to handle. Sometimes it can be a life changing problem.

Go out today and look at the sunglasses and make sure the pair you get is rated to block 99 to 100 percent of all the uv rays. This way your eye will not get damaged anymore than it already is. If you have been wearing sunglasses all along good for you, you have less eye damage.

The solar shield sunglasses are an excellent choice for eye care when you just want something to slip over your existing glasses. They can be found in many styles and colors too. Protect your eyes you only get the two of them all through your life.

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