Stylish Cobra Sunglasses Easily Broken

by Sandy
(San Jose, CA, USA)

I bought some awesome amber-toned sunglasses online a couple of months ago. I had to back order them, and when they finally became available, they were $11.00 plus $7.95 for shipping and handling.

Overall, that’s almost $20.00 so they were pretty expensive for my budget. The shipping took about a week and a half too. When they finally came, I was able to see the detail.

They were a tan color and the lenses faded from a light amber into a dark brown. They were accented with a cobra snakeskin pattern around the lenses and they were very cute.

They were the first pair of sunglasses I had bought online and I wore them constantly over the next few weeks. I got many compliments on them because they were pretty big and nobody had really seen anything like them before.

After wearing them around for a month or so, I decided to bring them to a graduation party. The party was at a church, but we were going to the outdoor pool afterwards, so I knew I would need some UV sunglasses.

Unfortunately, after the party was over and I was at home, I realized that one of the pieces had completely broken off.

I still had the main lens piece, but only one of the side pieces that goes over the ear was left. I had no idea where the other one went because I had been all over town that day, so I was very disappointed.

I think the screw just came loose and the piece fell off because I didn’t drop them or anything. After paying so much, I was very dissatisfied.

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