Swim Shirts Prevent Much More Than Skin Rashes

You should realize that swim shirts prevent much more than skin rashes and can protect your skin from multiple attacks in the long run.

If you have avoided protecting the upper half of your body when visiting the beach or engaging in water sports then you have certainly taken a huge risk in the name of fashion.

You can now cover your upper torso in a chic manner with a well-designed and form fitting shirt that will not only prevent chafing but also offer optimum sun protection as well.

Skin cancer cases on the rise among unprotected beach goers

You will surely attract much more than admiring glances when you step out on the beach in a miniscule two piece bikini or swimming briefs, based on your gender.

Your body will also attract harmful UV rays emitted by the sun.

If you are still shaking your head in disbelief then read on since the United States of America itself witnesses more than a million new cases of skin cancer every year while most other countries too witness increasing numbers of such cases with each passing year.

Most of these cancers are located on the upper torsos of patients and most of them are on the backs of those patients.

However, instead of panicking or locking yourself in your home, you should realize that a simple and stylish solution in the form of swim shirts can offer optimum sun protection provided you only purchase certified shirts.

Buying low quality goods will only offer low quality protection

If you simply plan to purchase such shirts from a beach shack then you might end up with a low-quality un-certified shirt that might not provide any uv protection or might simply get ripped while you are trying to ride your surfboard.

It is better to buy such shirts in advance and you can do so without even stepping out of your home. You can visit several online stores and browse through a wide collection of swimwear before choosing garments that offer complete protection in a stylish manner.

You can now look smoking hot without actually burning your skin in the harsh sun.

Paying heed to spf and upf ratings will go a long way in sun protection

While seeking out the best swimwear including swim shirts from online stores, you should remember to check on the spf and upf ratings mentioned next to the photos of such shirts.

The spf or sun protection factor rating for these shirts should be at a minimum level of 30 or higher while the upf or ultraviolet protection factor rating should be a minimum of 50+.

You should aim for an upf rating of 150+ if you want the best in uv protection. You can also choose from sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve shirts based on your requirements and the weather conditions when you are on the beach or in the water.

You should also remember that harmful uv rays can also penetrate into the water so adequate protection is a must whether you amble on the beach or engage in various water sports in the water.

New research has shown that your near-naked body can attract much more than envious glances from other people when you are on a sunny beach. Your skin can get burnt, darkened, age quickly, or even get saddled with skin cancer.

It is better to cover yourself with a form-fitting shirt that can help prevent chafing as well as keep harmful uv rays away from your upper torso at all times.

Instead of compromising on quality and choice by choosing at the last minute, you should go on the internet to choose from a wide range of spf and upf certified swim shirts that suit your tastes and budget so as to prevent much more than skin rashes when you step on to the beach or on your surfboard.

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