Why I Love My UV Protection Sunglasses

by Andre
(Columbus, OH, USA)

When I went shopping for sunglasses, it was hard to not be overwhelmed by the choices, at first.

There were so many different styles available, from the most sleek and modern designs that simply radiated 'cool' to quirky and retro glasses I'm certain I had worn before in my youth.

As I tried on pair after pair, I began to pay more attention to the UV stickers placed on each. No matter what style I was taken by, there was one thing I wouldn't waver on.

I needed UV protection sunglasses or UV sunglasses.

It's no small fact that UV rays are more harmful and stronger than ever, and eyes are easily one of the most unprotected parts of your body against them.

With threats to my long-term eye health like retinal damage and glaucoma, it's not just a personal style choice whether to wear sunglasses or not.

It doesn't matter how much sunscreen I could possibly slather onto my face, my eyes were still at risk for serious damage over time.

The only realistic option to keep them safe was to make sure the glasses I picked out were UV protection sunglasses, no matter which styles interested me the most.

Luckily, UV protection is not a concept lost on designers, and nearly all of the quality sunglasses offered 100% protection.

It was only in the cheaply made brands that I found the UV protection lacking. That's alright, I'm a little rough on my sunglasses, so a flimsy pair wouldn't have lasted me through the season, let alone until next year or longer.

I eventually found my sunglasses, I settled on a round wire-rimmed pair, and I've been happy to spend my summer free of the glaring sun.

More importantly, I'm happy to know that my eyes are safe whenever I wear them.

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