Bathing Suits for Girls
Choosing the Right One

Choosing the right bathing suits for girls of any age requires the purchaser to take quite a few things into consideration.

Additionally, you have to decide whether or not you want your little girl to wear bathing suits that provide additional UV protection when they are playing in the sunshine.

From styles to size to additional protection from harmful rays, picking a bathing suit for your daughter should be a decision that is not made lightly.

Where do I start?

To start in your search of finding the right bathing suits for girls you have to start with the age of your daughter. Most bathing suits that are designed for girls come in bright patterns and colors.

They become tamer in their patterns and color the older the girl gets. For example, a toddler may wear a swimsuit that is made up of bright pink flowers while your teenage may opt for a plain black one piece.

Deciding on a style and pattern is made easier when you shop for a bathing suit suitable for your child's age.

For little girls and toddlers, brightly colored one piece bathing suits with little skirts and ruffles are appropriate. They work with today's disposable swimming diapers and they make your child look adorable.

Plus, a one piece bathing suit for your little one helps you protect more of their body from harmful UV rays than a bikini. If she is old enough to help you choose, let her. After all, she is the one who will be wearing the bathing suit.

Pre-teens and teens will want to pick out their own bathing suits and they will probably test your patience, especially if they want to wear a bikini and you are not ready for it.

There is a bit more variety in styles of bathing suits for girls that are on the market for the older child. They can choose from a bikini, a one piece, a tankini and all types of styles in between.

Vintage style bathing suits are even coming back into style, offering a more squared leg to the suit. With older children, simply guide them towards picking a bathing suit that they like and is age appropriate.

What about bathing suits for the girls who are plus size?

Plus size girls are fortunate enough to no longer be stuck in a plain one piece bathing suit with a skirt to hide their legs. For years these were the best type of bathing suits girls who were heavier could wear.

Today, they can wear the same type of bathing suits as other girls, including a bikini that features a boy cut style short for the bottom.

There are plenty of colors and patterns to choose from, allowing plus size girls to feel just as pretty in their bathing suit as everyone else.

How long will they wear the bathing suit?

Most bathing suits for girls are worn for a single season. However, some girls also are able to continue wearing their bathing suits through the off season if they have a place to swim for fun or are involved in swimming sports.

Additionally, some girls' growth may have slowed down, allowing them to wear the same bathing suit for more than one season.

Simply make sure that no matter how long they plan to wear the suit, it is practical and age appropriate as well as comfortable, no matter how much it costs.

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