Beach Sunglasses

by Reagan
(Austin, TX, USA)

Just this past May, I drove down the beach in South Texas to enjoy some fun in the sun. I wore my beach sunglasses the entire time.

They were great for keeping the sun out of my eyes while I was in the water, walking on the beach, or laying out on the sand.

When I was in the water, not once did my sunglasses fall off, even though I had to constantly jump the waves that were coming towards me.

The only problem I have with sunglasses is that the water tends to leave water marks on the lenses, and then I have to clean them when I get back to my towel.

When I am choosing sunglasses to wear to the beach, I always make sure that they will protect me from the harmful UV rays.

I also make sure they are very dark in order to protect my light colored eyes from sun damage. I prefer to wear large sunglasses so that they cover as much of my eyes as possible.

I already have to wear contacts and glasses, and I don't want my eyesight to worsen because I don't have the proper eyewear for when I am in the sun.

I always try to purchase sturdy sunglasses so that they will not break when I put them in my purse. I used to just keep my sunglasses in my purse without a case and they would get scratched really easily.

I have fixed that problem by keeping my sunglasses in an old sock to prevent scratching them.

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