Blue Lizard Sunscreen Review

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

Blue Lizard sunscreen can protect the skin from harmful radiations emitted by the sun.

Burned skin is not an amusing price to pay for spending the day under the sun, with the inclusion of course of tons of fun.

Ultraviolet rays are devious radiations from the sun that seem harmless until discovering that you have acquired skin cancer.

Blue Lizard sunscreen is a product of Australia, the place where the sun’s rays burn through the skin during those hot summer months.

This product has traveled to the US, where they have produced lotions for UV protection that caters to anyone of any age. This product does not cause any type of skin irritation, making it safe to use on even the most delicate infant skin.

Physical and chemical sunscreen products are the two types of sunscreen that are available in the market as of today. Physical sunscreens are dense and would tend to mirror UVA as well as UVB radiation.

Blue Lizard sunscreen

On the other hand, chemical sunscreens more often than not absorb UVB rays. Blue Lizard sunscreen utilizes materials that are under the physical sunscreen group.

It is promoted to provide an array of ultraviolet radiation protection due to the inclusion of Zinc Oxide. The addition of Zinc Oxide provides a wider shield against the range of UV rays that damage the skin.

Note that these harmful rays are not absorbed by the product but are reflected away from the skin. Even the UV rays reflected by water when fishing cannot penetrate the skin because it is protected all over.

Application of the product is usually 30 minutes prior to an excursion. Giving the sunscreen some time before going out under the sun allows the sunscreen to be absorbed in your skin.

This is very useful during those water related activities where the skin gets wet all over. Since the product has adapted to the skin, there are fewer tendencies for it to fail in its mission to protect the skin at all costs.

Since the Blue Lizard sunscreen is thick, but not greasy, it smoothly spreads onto the skin. The bottle turns blue when UV rays are detected in the atmosphere, an indicator for more sunscreen application before the rays damage the skin.

Note that foggy days do not mean that UV rays are absent at this time. UV rays actually penetrate the clouds and reach the skin still contributing to some amount of damage.

Skin cancer is a serious matter and must be dealt with rather than discarded or taken for granted of. People who often go outdoors are usually prone to this type of disease due to extreme exposure to the sun.

Blue Lizard sunscreen reflects UV rays providing the needed protection for the skin. Since it is thick, it definitely does not cause allergic reactions of any sort. It was made to adapt to any skin type.

Get optimum defense against skin damaging rays by grabbing a bottle of sunscreen and applying it on a daily basis.

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