A Girls Bathing Suit Can Help Prevent Skin Damage

Using a girls bathing suit is one of the easiest ways to help prevent skin damage, yet it is probably the one thing most people do not think of when they are picking out their summer swimwear.

Bathing suits are being made today to contain material that block UV rays, and when they are added to sun block and other protective wear such as hats and UV sunglasses, these bathing suits are a good way to help protect the sensitive skin of your little girl.

While the thought of a girls bathing suit made of UV resistant fabric may sound unappealing - you might be thinking that the styles are unattractive - they are actually being manufactured to be stylish and comfortable.

Unlike regular swim suits, these suits are made of a material that blocks up to ninety-eight percent of harmful UV rays when your child is playing in the swimming pool or in the sun.

Regular swimsuits that are made without this special fabric offer no protection whatsoever to the girl wearing it. The UV rays can easily penetrate the material the bathing suit is made out of and burn their skin.

It is important to protect your little girl's skin from the sun, starting from a young age. It will help prevent skin problems such as cancer as they get older, and it will help teach them how important healthy skin is and why they should take care of it.

Slathering them with sun block before allowing them to go outside to play or swim is only part of the measures you need to take to protect their delicate skin.

In addition to UV resistant clothing, you should also encourage your child to wear a hat and sunglasses when going out to play.

Additionally, you need to make sure you reapply the sunscreen often while they are outside as they will sweat and wash the sunscreen off of their skin.

Should I apply sunscreen to my child's skin even if they are wearing clothing?

Yes. Remember, most of the clothing that your child will wear outside will not be made with UV resistant material. These rays will penetrate the clothing and damage the skin beneath unless you protect it in some way.

Most people only think to apply sunscreen to the skin that is visible, but it is a good idea to apply it under the clothing as well to add an extra layer of protection.

Tell me more about UV resistant bathing suits for girls

UV resistant girls bathing suits are made from a special fabric. The fabric is a tightly woven mesh fabric that is lightweight thanks to tiny air pockets throughout the material.

The combination of the material used to make the fabric for the swimsuit and the tight weave design is what helps block UVA and UVB rays.

Some manufacturers also treat this material with additional UV ray blocking substances to provide additional protections. All of these garments are measured on a UPF scale with a rating of 50+ being the best at blocking UV rays regardless of whether the garment is wet or dry.


girls bathing suit made from UV resistant material is one of the best investments you can make for your child. Suits come with sleeves that protect the shoulders and arms as well as leggings to help protect the skin on the lower part of the body.

You can also purchase a swim shirt which is worn over the regular swimsuit as well as swim tights if your child simply needs something to cover the legs.

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