Kids Activities

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

Kids activities are a major deciding factor in how well they grow up as a person. Besides the health consequences, those fun games for kids could have an everlasting effect.

kids activities

Kids activities are mainly two categories:

• Kids outdoor activities

• Kids indoor activities

I prefer the kids indoor activities over outdoor. This way they are protected from the sun's exposure and the damaging effects of the UV rays.

Kids interactive games for girls:

• Tea party

• Design/make Strings and beads

• Make friendship bracelets

• Decorate an empty picture frame and then fill it up with their photo

• Finger paint

• Gymnastics class

• Join Girl Scouts

Fun games for kids - boys:

• Have a black belt instructor come by and show them some defensive techniques

• Make a challenge course in the backyard using the lawn, but cover it with plastic and then • mud, shaving cream and other slippery stuff.

• They can also make their own video, like a mini story and then post it on their favorite • site like Youtube. One can be the producer and so forth.

• Learn to play chess

• Join Boy Scouts

Kids activities for boys and girls:

• Arts and crafts

• Plays legos

• Piano lessons

• Dance class

• Memory games

• Simon says

• Fly a kyte

• Play soccer, tennis, volleyball or basketball (for groups of kids)

• Lots of coloring books and crayons

• Let them bring their own cameras and take them for a photo shoot around town or around the corner

• Make chocolate parties, making chocolate molds and coins or even paint

• Make lemonades and other drinks (perhaps even sell them in the front yard)

• Bubble wands and see if anyone can create a new form of it

• Have a DJ party for the older ones and play fun music like YMCA

• Large Puzzles or even better 3D puzzles

• Put up large boards and let them apply their stickers (lots of them)

• See a good and educating museum, especially children's museum

• Visit an animal shelter and help a pet

• Go to a picnic

kids activities

More kids activities,

• Visit the local aquarium or the zoo wearing a sun hat of course

• Create a great afternoon by baking cakes, cookies or pies together

• Plan a bike ride, but wear sun protection clothing

• Buy some safe markers and paper and let them be Picasso for one day (or more)

• Use Popsicle sticks and glue, to make one of these or use your imagination. This is what I made many years ago while at a day camp.

kids activities

Martial arts class

Clay work for the older ones

Read adventurous or fun books to them

• For the older ones, soccer or softball

Swimming lessons

Skating lessons

• Play Badminton, where the ball is called the "shuttle" and less chance of breaking anything in the backyard

• Have them read a book to others, as soon as they are able to (confidence builder!)

• Sidewalk chalk

Water balloon games

• Going to little hikes in groups

• Spending time at the local park

• Go camping

Some of my all time favorites are catch, hide and seek.

Other indoor activities for kids or kids interactive games:

• Lots of toys

• Board games

• Computer games

• Building blocks or clay dough

Play find it, by hiding a toy or other object and have them look for it and find it.

If you can't choose any of the above kids activities, you can create your own game such as;

• Walking the dog

• Taking out the trash

• Washing the car


The point is that they should end up as happier, less nervous kids. Anything that keeps them off of the couch and into being an active and vibrant kid.

The best of all kids activities might be just to sing together.

It's been said that couples who sing together have a better chance of staying together, so that might be true for all relations?

What do you think?

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