Mens Swimsuit Overview

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

Generally, mens swimsuit does not really have that much variety compared to women’s swimming suit that has several types and styles.

For men, all it normally takes is just a few minutes of their time to spend on choosing the color that would match their skin tone or the style that would perfectly suit their body structure and height.

What are the best choices for men?

Swim trunks are the most popular mens swimsuit by far. However, there are certain types of swimwear that most men prefer nowadays especially when considering fashion and style.

Of course, there is the famous Speedo. It is a high-cut brief style with a tightly fitted bottom great to emphasize a man’s physique.

On the other hand, if your concerns are comfort and versatility, a men’s boxer swimsuit is the best choice for you. This kind of swimwear looks great on men of all body types. Its fabric is light and airy, also great for sports and jogging.

mens swimsuit

Other swim shorts also include square cut shorts, board shorts, and surf shorts.

For some men who have the will and the confidence to show it, they may go for thongs or other revealing garment.

Nevertheless, remember that this kind of swimsuit may be quite bold and provocative for men. A little less when it comes to support, so make sure not to wear this on a public beach.

Choosing fabric quality

Aside from choosing the best style and color, it is also important to consider the quality and durability of your swimwear. Polyester and Lycra is the best material for a Speedo or thong, although nylon swimsuits are the most common.

One of the best buys for mens swimsuits nowadays is the use of the special tan through fabric that allows the sunlight to seep through like a medium level sunscreen without all the messy oils and lotions.

The fabric is made of lightweight material that guarantees comfort, quality, and increased hydrodynamic performance.

Are mens swimsuits any good for UV Protection?

People are not just concerned of what swimsuits they can wear but also how to protect themselves from the adverse effects of too much exposure to sunlight.

Of course, there are a lot of sun protection measures like sunscreen lotions, sunglasses, protective caps and others that you can pack inside your suitcase. The big question is can you wear all of those while under the water?

Keep in mind that UV transmission is faster in water compared to air. It is necessary to get a UV protection swimwear to protect you against potentially harmful UV rays.

Studies show that UV swimsuits can block out more rays longer that a sun block lotion can. However, for the best sun protective swimsuit, consider one that provides UPF50+ protection.

Because of the growing demands, more and more companies are manufacturing UV swimwear from trunks to full body clothing.

Nevertheless, shorts made with UV protective materials can only cover a small portion of the body compared to full body mens swimsuit .

Therefore, for your sun protection needs, make sure to cover your body with UV swim shirts, water pants, and rash guards aside from those sexy thongs and boxers.

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