Polarized Sunglasses on the Beach

by Kailani
(Maui, HI, USA)

I live in Hawaii and have always worn sunglasses. All my life we have needed to wear them for protection of our eyes. I was never very particular, anyone's would do.

One day, I left my favorite pair sitting on the back of my boyfriend's bumper of his truck, when we got to the beach, I realized what had happened. I was so bummed.

Later that day, my boyfriend took me to the mall and let me pick out my own pair, whatever you want he said. I decided to ask the guy working for advice on a good pair.

He told me I needed to try the polarized ones, he went on to explain how they are really good for your eyes, and how much more I would see on the ocean.

I was sold, I wanted to see just exactly what he was talking about. I wanted to see the ocean. My boyfriend and I purchased two different kinds, but both polarized.

The next day we hit the beach, and I tell you what, that guy knew what he was talking about. I swear, I could see the fish inside the waves, the color of the corals in the ocean.

I was in love with my new and the very best polarized sunglasses. From that day forward, I have always owned polarized sunglasses, not the same ones of course, because I have a bad habit of leaving them everywhere.

I have even turned a lot of my friends and families on to these kinds of sunglasses, and they too love them. My brothers who are of the ocean, fisherman, opihi pickers, they say the sunglasses have made their jobs a lot easier.

All I know is that I like them, my family does, and I intend to use them until I don't need the use of glasses anymore.

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