A Rash Guard Shirt Can Truly Save Your Skin in More Ways Than One

A rash guard shirt can truly save your skin in more ways than one if you are an avid surfer that has experienced painful skin blisters due to chafing and have also become aware of the dangers posed by the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Rash guards or rashies as they are also known are body-hugging vests with or without sleeves that can offer excellent protection against chafing or when tumbling along the sea bed during surfing, while also offering excellent uv protection at the same time.

Rash guard shirt can be really helpful while surfing, snorkeling, wakeboarding, kite-surfing, free-diving, and kayaking, and enjoying many other water sports.

In addition, these smart shirts can also protect you from harmful rays of the sun when you amble lazily on a beach or even if you lay down on your beach mat for hours.

Millions of new cases of skin cancer are reported every year in various large countries and most of them occur on the upper torso, especially the back.

A good rash guard shirt can thus combine style with practicality to keep your skin safe whether you are into serious water sports or simply want to relax near the water.

These shirts are usually made of nylon, polyester, or spandex that dry out quickly once you step out of the water. You can easily locate a wide range over the internet by visiting several online swimwear stores where you would be able to locate them by brand, size, and price.

However, before you click on any one that catches your fancy, you should make sure that the desired shirt has a certified ultraviolet protection factor or upf rating of 50+ and a sun protection factor or spf rating of 30 and above.

This will ensure that your skin gets the maximum protection possible. In addition, the material and stitching itself should ensure that you do not get uncomfortable when you wear such shirts for a longer period of time.

While other forms of sun protection such as sunscreen lotions, sun protection hats, UV protection sunglasses, etc can offer protection in style when you are strolling on a beach, you need optimum protection when you are in the water too since uv rays can also penetrate into the water.

You can choose from various styles of rashies based on the weather conditions at the beach or pool. You can select between a sleeveless rash guard shirt or a basic short sleeve one or even a full sleeve shirt with thermal padding to protect you in cold water.

You can also opt for shirts with hoods to offer sun protection for your head and neck too. You can also choose from a wide range of colors that will make you look macho or sexy without stripping down to a tiny thong.

Most online stores offer very high discounts due to increasing competition and your body can now remain protected from sun, sand and surf in a very stylish and cost-effective way.

Doctors all around the globe have pointed out the dangers of remaining exposed to too much sun and you should ensure that your skin does not get burnt, darkened, wrinkled, or worse, get afflicted with skin cancer when you are out on the beach.

A simple and fashionable solution in the form of a form-fitting or loose rash guard shirt can truly help you to remain safe in more ways than one, and you owe it to your skin to adorn such shirts when you hit the beach.

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