Rash Guard Shirts Can Help Avoid Skin Rashes

Rash guard shirts can help avoid skin rashes caused by chafing on your surf board or those caused by the harsh rays of the sun beating down on your body.

A tiny two-piece bikini or men's swimming briefs cannot protect you from chafing or blisters or from harmful UV rays emitted by the sun.

Whether you love to simply stroll on a beach, lie down on a beach mat, or engage in various water sports such as surfing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, etc, what you really need is optimum upper body protection too.

Millions of people all over the globe are struck by skin cancer every year and with their cancers being located mostly on the upper parts of their bodies, it will certainly pay off by covering your upper body when you are out in the sun.

A rash guard or rashie as it is also called can cover your body in style while also protecting your upper torso from rubbing against your surfboard whilst surfing. These rash guard shirts are made of nylon, spandex, or polyester that helps to quickly discard water once you are out of the sea.

You can choose from sleeveless rash guard shirts or even short sleeve or long-sleeve ones based on your requirements. For example, if you wish to walk, swim or surf in cold weather then a long-sleeved rash guard with a thermal underlay will help you to remain warm in style whereas a sleeveless one will help display those biceps that you might have worked hard on before hitting the beach.

If you do not have the time to visit sports stores to buy these shirts or are embarrassed about your body to actually try them out then there is an easier option to end up with a wide range of rashies that can make you look cool irrespective of whether you love to surf or simply love relaxing on your favorite beach on a sunny day.

You can easily guide your mouse to the internet and browse through a wide range of rash guard shirts that adorn virtual showcases of each online store.

You can choose from various colors that suit your personality. For example, if you are an extremely sober person that wants to blend into the crowd then you can opt for safe colors such as white, black, or grey, among others.

However, if you are an extrovert that wants to stand out from the crowd then you can opt for bright colors such as yellow, orange, blue, or red.

You should bear in mind these helpful pointers while choosing a shirt that has caught your eye. You should ensure that the shirt of your choice has a minimum sun protection factor spf rating of 30 or more and an ultraviolet protection factor [upf] rating of 50+ so that you skin receives the best in uv protection that it truly deserves.

If the weather is not too hot on the beach then you can also opt for rashies with hoods to get additional protection for your neck and head.

Since applying sunscreen frequently might not be possible if you keep on revisiting the sea, such shirts can offer the best level of protection in more ways than one.

If you want to look stylish at the beach while also ensuring complete protection for your upper body from harmful uv rays then you need to adorn yourself in figure-hugging or loose fitting rash guard shirts .

These shirts will fashionably cover your body while keeping the sun's rays at bay and also offer complete freedom of movement so as to enable you to surf, dive, snorkel, or simply stroll down the beach even while getting thanked by your skin at the same time.

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