Plus Size Swimsuits
Making Them Work for You

Plus size swimsuits are fashionable and summer is the best time to show the world what you’ve got. Almost everybody gets ready for swimsuit season and there are plenty of reasons why they do so.

First, the beach is beckoning and almost no one would argue to the fact that going to the beach is really fun! Summer also calls for days spent lazily by the pool with family and friends together.

However, for some plus size women, just the thought of wearing a swimsuit can ruin the summer that has not even started yet. Little do they know that plus size swimsuits are there with plenty of options to choose from. Getting the right swimsuit is however a challenge.

What’s so difficult about plus size swimsuits?

Most swimsuits on sale are getups meant for your grandmother than your frame. They do not help in accentuating your figure and making you look your best naturally.

Most of these swimsuits are bikinis that draw a lot of attention on your midsection. What’s more, the blazing sun would definitely hurt your skin when you wear them.

plus size swimsuits

Getting sunburned is a major concern, not to forget the fact that staying under the sun can cause skin cancer.

However, this does not mean that you should forget about the fun you can get from the beach and the excitement of having to wear the perfect plus size swimming suits.

How do you protect your skin while wearing a swimsuit?

Before you even think about how you look with your swimsuit, think of your skin first. Is it protected against the harmful UV rays of the sun?

Remember that wearing a swimsuit would mean that you are exposing a large portion of your skin to UVA and UVB rays.

Protect your skin by applying biodegradable sunscreen to your skin at least 20 minutes before you head to the beach or the pool. Since you would be emerged into the water for quite some time, choose a sunscreen that offers good sun protection and one which is waterproof.

Always reapply after two hours or after towel drying. So when you go and buy good plus size swimming suits, get yourself the best sunscreen as well.

Which swimsuit fits you well?

The size should of course fit you. Many plus size swimsuits are designed to fit full figured women. Other sizes run a size or two smaller than these as well.

The key here is to go to the store and try the swimsuits they have or simply order online. Make sure the size you choose is to your liking and that it fits comfortably on you.

As much as possible, go for one-piece suits as they cover much of your skin. This is a good sun protection tip.

Remember three important factors to consider which are sizes, cut, and the fit. Size has been mentioned earlier. When it comes to cut, make sure to check on style, comfort, and coverage.

When talking about style, don’t be fooled by bikinis marked for plus size women but the models are not really full-bodied women.

You would soon find out that you are better off with a trendy one piece. There are many options available nowadays so stylish plus size swimsuits are easy to find.

Whatever kind of plus size swimsuit you wear, think of your skin as well. Be sure that you get all the sun protection you can get before heading to the beach or pool and showing your plus size swimsuits to everybody.

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