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Stand up tanning beds may not be as popular as the ones which you lay on, but there are many advantages to them. They operate in the same way as an ordinary tanning bed; the only main difference is your position.

The Benefits of a Stand-up Tanning Bed

The main benefit of a stand up tanning bed is that it will encourage you to use the bed for short periods of time. When you are lying down it can be so comfortable that you end up staying on the bed longer than you should.

It is through over-using tanning beds that many people end up developing health problems. There is a serious risk of malignant melanoma ( skin cancer ) if you use a tanning bed for too long.

Another advantage which you may not have considered is the fact that stand up beds give you an even tan all over the body. When you lay down, there is always one part of your body that is not covered by the UV rays.

This means that you constantly have to keep changing position until you have tanned every part of your body. With stand up tanning beds your whole body is typically covered.

At the most you may have to change positions once to ensure that all of your body gets an even tan.

stand up tanning beds

How Different Are Stand up Beds?

One difference between a stand up bed and a traditional tanning bed that you lay on is that they have slightly different lamps.

The lamps on a stand up model are designed to reflect the UV rays more evenly.

This tends to give a really good quality tan and for that reason many people actually prefer stand up beds to traditional ones.

The bulbs also tend to be a higher voltage than a lay down tanning bed too.

This means that you don’t have to use them as long as you normally would with ordinary tanning beds.

In terms of salon use, clients do seem to prefer using stand up tanning beds as they do tend to be more hygienic.

You are not touching the bed and so you cannot pick up any germs that other people may have transferred onto the bed. Obviously this is only a worry for people using salon tanning beds.

Staying Safe

Even though stand up beds have a lot of advantages, you still have to remember that they can be potentially harmful to your health.

There is always the risk of skin cancer and eye damage if you expose your eyes to the UV rays frequently. However, if you follow good tanning bed safety rules then the risks will be limited.

Overall when you are looking into which type of tanning bed to purchase, you should take the advantages and disadvantages of both types into account.

There is no denying that stand up tanning beds do tend to be more popular and it is not hard to see why.

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