Tanning Bed Financing

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Tanning bed financing is an option open to salon owners and other industry experts who wish to offer tanning beds in their business.

It allows you to pay monthly for the tanning bed that you wish to purchase and it also requires a small down payment. This makes it an excellent option for small business owners who are just setting up.

The Advantages of Financing

Financing a tanning bed ultimately gives you flexibility. Not everybody can afford to purchase something large, such as a tanning bed, outright. Financing allows you to pay a small initial fee, followed by regular monthly repayments until the bed is fully paid for.

Another advantage to tanning bed financing is that it allows you to purchase a tanning bed that would otherwise be out of your price range. If you are a salon owner then you need top of the range equipment. If you were to provide average quality tanning beds , you would no doubt lose customers.

tanning bed financing

By providing high quality tanning beds your clients will keep coming back for more. Applying for financing will help you to purchase the best quality tanning beds and you will be able to pay the money back slowly over time.

If you are using financing for your business needs, the great news is that you can claim back the money on tax. As the tanning beds are for business use you should get a little tax relief.

Of course you will have to actually talk it through with an accountant to see exactly what you are entitled to when it comes to tax relief.

The Difference between Financing and Leasing

Many people get confused between tanning bed financing and tanning bed leasing.

The main difference is the fact that you actually own the tanning bed when you take out finance on it, but with leasing another company owns it and you basically pay to keep it on your premises.

It is like when you rent or have a mortgage; one option gives you your own home and the other you simply rent it from the actual owner.

Leasing is a better idea for those who cannot afford a large initial investment. If you are purchasing one tanning bed then there are often no problems when it comes to funding the deposit.

However, if there are many tanning beds needed then the initial deposit needed could be quite large!

Overall financing is a great option for many salon owners. It gives you flexibility and it also potentially allows you to purchase a more advanced system than you would usually be able to afford.

So why not look into tanning bed financing today to see how you could benefit from monthly repayments?

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