Sun Protection at High Altitude

by Adam
(Winter Park, CO, USA)

Sun protection is very important to me. My mom is suffering from Skin Cancer now.

We really have to watch ourselves in the sun. I always wear sunscreen when I'm outside working in the sun.

I also like to keep a sun protection hat on my head too.

And sometimes like when I’m out fishing for the monster fish all day I will also put a rag on my neck to keep the sun from beating on it all day.

After seeing what my mom is forced to go through everyday for the rest of her life, I just don't take my body and skin for granted anymore.

I don't think anybody should have to go through that.

The part which I don’t understand though is the people who just must not know any better.

People who don't protect themselves and are seen getting burnt time and time again.

I think we could all use a little more education on the subject of sun protection.

Human Skin

SPF Clothing

Sun Protection Clothing

UV Protective Clothing

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