I Love My Big Sunglasses

by Jennifer
(Comstock Park, MI, USA)

I just adore my big sunglasses. I wear prescription glasses in my daily life. Ever since I can remember I simply had the eye glasses store, put transitions lenses into my glasses so I never had a need for sunglasses.

This summer when I got my new glasses I decided to save myself some money and do the buy one get on free deal at my local glasses place and get one regular pair of glasses and one pair of sunglasses.

I decided to go with big sunglasses as I just loved the way they looked sitting on the mannequin in there!

The minute I tried them on I just knew that they were for me! I not only thought I looked super cute and trendy, but I loved the way that they felt and a bonus is that my husband thought I looked great with them on as well.

The lady who sized them for me couldn't believe I didn't go with transitions again until she saw me put my new big sunglasses on and she just fell in the love with them as well and said she may actually get herself the same pair!

I also love my big sunglasses as they completely keep the sun out of my eyes when I am out at baseball games, which happens a lot as my son plays little league and my husband and I have season tickets to our local baseball team!

I don't know what on earth I would do without my awesome sunglasses! I know for sure I am very thankful that I bought them and I will never ever go back to just adding transitions lenses to my prescription again!

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