My Beach Sunglasses

by Kathy

My beach sunglasses are bright blue and look like they walked out of a Tom Cruise movie. I love to wear them even with my nicest outfits.

When I first purchased them, my friends laughed at me. I said keep laughing, because you wouldn't believe how many complements I've gotten about my beach sunglasses.

They look great with any color bathing suit. Not only are they amazing looking, but they were cheap too. Only $50 bucks!

My beach sunglasses are perfect for the sunniest of days. They have an extremely dark tint, so people can't see where I'm looking. That's always a plus!

My beach sunglasses would look good on anyone, but I think they look the best on me. They fit my face perfectly. They never fall down my nose. That can be so annoying.

Even my kids are jealous and try to steal my shades. I won't let my kids wear them, for the fear of breaking my glasses. I want these to last forever.

I think when a person is searching for a great pair of shades, that there are 3 important factors to consider:

• Price

• Tint

• Fashion

I hate when people go to a drugstore and buy the cheapest and ugliest shades they can afford. Even a person who only has $5 bucks to buy a pair of shades, can find a decent pair for a decent price.

Price is important, because sometimes you might spend too much money on your glasses, and you scratch them or lose them right away.

I don't agree with spending $500 on a pair of sunglasses that are most of the time thrown into your bag.

Tint is important because the sun can hurt everyone's eyes, so they should be protected by a dark UVF tint. My beach sunglasses are the best. They share all of these factors.

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