Retro Sunglasses
Bringing the Past and Present Together

by Chelsea
(Erie, PA, USA)

Growing up in a relatively small town, there wasn't too much to do, but we did live near a beautiful and somewhat famous beach.

It wasn't uncommon for us to all head down there after school and work to catch some rays and enjoy everything the beach had to offer. It was something of a family tradition.

A few years back I was going through a rough phase where I just didn't feel right about anything -- clothes, friends, even sunglasses. It seemed like nothing I did or had really fit me.

It was when I was going through an old box in my grandma's attic that I found a pair of her retro sunglasses.

They weren't anything too special, as far as retro sunglasses go, but they were her's when she was my age. I used them as inspiration to find who I was and be comfortable with it.

Those sunglasses didn't completely cure me of the way I felt, but they were the first step in a lot of steps to bring me closer to who I am today.

To this day I have that funky pair of retro sunglasses. I keep them on my desk as a reminder of the sun, staying true to yourself, and most of all, my grandma. You might be surprised what an old pair of sunglasses can do for you. :)

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