Vintage Shades and Self Esteem

by Stacey
(Bloomfield, Indiana, USA)

I wasn't very popular in school. I spent money trying to look like the other girls. I once spent one hundred dollars on a pair of designer sunglasses and got invited to the amusement park with a couple of cheer leaders.

I don't know if they asked me to come because of the sunglasses or because no one else could go on that day, but I was ecstatic. I lost my sunglasses when I forgot they were on my head on a roller coaster. $100 dollars and my favorite shades- gone.

That night my mom handed me a pair of orange sunglasses that were as big around as a baseball. She wore them as she drove around town in her orange convertible VW bug.

She got tan lines from them which made her look like a raccoon. She was wearing them when she met my father her senior year of high school. I put them on and knew I looked like a bug.

My face was small, my hair thin, and all you could see was the orange sunglasses. I took them to make my mom feel like she had helped, but stashed them in the glove compartment of my hatchback.

The next time I was invited somewhere with the cheerleaders I drove to Kate's house to pick her up. She asked if I had an extra pair of shades because her eyes were sensitive and hers had broken.

I told her all I had was a hideous pair my mom had given me. But she loved them! She called them vintage and asked me to try them on. She said I looked like Jackie O and asked why I hadn't worn them before.

I told her they were too weird and nobody else wears glasses like them. Kate told me that she didn't invite me to the amusement park because of my designer sunglasses.

She invited me because she thinks I'm fun. These retro sunglasses fit my fun personality. I put them on again and smiled. They do look alright, at least through the rear view mirror.

Thanks mom.

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